Armen Daneghyan

Modern Miniature Artist


info {at} daneghyanart {dot} com

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use to create an artwork? What are the dimensions?

I use the following materials to create my artworks: tempera, gouache, honey watercolor, acrylic on special paper.

Artwork dimensions are: 11.8X15.7 inches (30X40cm) and 15.7X15.7 inches (40X40 cm). 

What themes do your artworks cover?

There are a wide range of themes: philosophical, national, religious, satire, historical, musical, European classics, Signs of Horoscope and many more. 

How can I purchase an artwork?

Artworks can be purchased at solo and group exhibitions around the world. Another option is to shop online.

Tell me more about the online shopping option?

You can choose an artwork from the gallery. After discussing the details with the artist, the artwork will be shipped to your destination by post mail. The artwork is sent in special safe box, without frame.  Free shipping is available worldwide. The order is usually delivered within 10-25 days.

Are the artworks exclusive? Are print copies available?

Yes, all my artworks are exclusive and one of their kind! Print copies are available. (Minimum 3 copies must be purchased in 1 order).  There are two options for prints: canvas print and paper print. 

Feel free to send an e-mail for additional information.