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Founder of Modern Miniature Art

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I created a new art direction and named it Modern Miniature

Armen Daneghyan is a visual artist and the founder of Modern Miniature art branch.

The artist tries to represent modern issues with the help of Miniature language and rules. His artworks include different series, dedicated to religious, patriotic, philosophical and other topics.

For Daneghyan, it is really important to mix the traditional and modern styles.

The artist is regularly invited to different countries where he represents his art to new audiences during solo exhibitions and group art shows. 


When I am asked about my teachers, I always say they are medieval Armenian miniature artists. 

I believe that moving forward and creating something new and unique based on the past is a true inspiration

“My day begins early in the morning with the creation of art. This is the perfect time when the human mind is as clean and transparent as possible.

I enter my own art world and close the doors without letting anyone in.



Gary Khachian

Art Lover, Connecticut, USA

Armen’s work is so thoroughly captivating that I have taken the effort to arrange for delivery of his work from Armenia to the United States on multiple occasions. Many of his paintings are proudly displayed all over my home, where they are a source of joy and inspiration.

Visitors that see his work for the first time cannot believe his pieces are painted by hand. The skill and patience he has to create each piece is remarkable. Each one has a unique construct – weaving historical figures and national symbols in beautiful color – yet his style is unmistakable. The artist is also a lovely and kind man, who I consider a dear friend, which makes his art all the more valuable to me.



Joseph Sarkissian

Art lover, Los Angeles, USA

Armen’s art is unique. It is hard to find a genre of Armenian art to which one can easily attribute his style. One thing that strikes me is that anywhere you come across Armen’s pieces, you just know it is his.

The skillful portrayal of his compositions are inspired from medieval Armenian miniature, Manuscript art, and various other Armenian themes and rich symbolology. When I behold any of his pieces, it is always the same. It is an explosion of rich colors and dynamic movement, jumping out of the canvas. This is Armen Daneghyan.


Sossy Kadjemian-Guirguis

Art lover, Toronto,  Canada

I was introduced to Armen’s miniature art through Facebook and I was in a shock of how detailed. colorful and meaningful his art was!

I have many miniature artworks from different renowned Armenian artists, whether from Armenia or from Iran! Armen’s art is unique in its details!


Annie Manvelyan

Art lover, Arcadia,  California, USA

I purchased a beautiful painting of Jesus Christ from Armen a few years ago, for my husband. The intricate details are amazing and it is a piece we truly enjoy. Thank you for your artwork, Armen! 


Mary Catherine Goetz

Art Collector, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

I am an amateur art collector but I am a lover of contemporary art and color.  When I began seeing Armen’s works a few years ago, I was astonished at his complex use of colors and of his degree of intricacy that is used in each of his pieces.  It took a while for me to decide which painting to purchase because each of his pieces drew me in.

When I received my first two pieces I spent a great deal of time just holding them in my hands and seeing the colors jump out at me – colors that my computer just could not  show nor could be fully appreciated unless seen in person.  Armen is a master at presenting joy through his intricacy, his use of geometry and his use of color.  I most certainly enjoy his artwork for many years as I pass and take pause of their beauty.


Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian

Art Lover, Sofia, Bulgaria

Through Armen Daneghyan’s modern miniature artworks, I discovered the great painter’s inner beauty and imagination. I am surprised by the different scenes he paints and the original way he presents the rich Armenian ancient and current history and culture. His artworks are enigmatic but always rich and unique of the known reality… as if through his artworks and interesting themes the artist wants to take us to an extraordinary and exciting journey.

Armen Daneghyan’s art made me discover new philosophical levels. Through the great artistic creations of unique images and understandings, he presents to the world the rich Armenians history, art and culture mystery.


Erwan Kerivel

Art Lover, France

Everyday’s look on Daneghyan’s artwork which I have in my house is making me more confident about the capacity of human kind to develop his own culture as part of a universal one. Armen’s artwork is not only part of Armenian cultural heritage but also part of universal culture by promoting Alphabet, Music and Dance.


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